No. 1 in Europe with over 115 highly mobile engineers

Over 8,000 installations performed monthly, tailored to each customer. Quality comes as standard.

We do not use sub-contractors, all installation work is performed by our specialist engineers

VOLTEAM & TBS Services are part of the same group and together they are one key player when it comes to install, in Europe, electric vehicle charging stations and telematics systems on light vehicles, HGVs, public transportation vehicles, two-wheelers, heavy equipment and specialized vehicles.

A workforce of over 115 mobile in-house engineers makes it possible to cover a total of seven countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Installation procedures and best practices are shared via a constantly updated information system which ensures that the quality of work carried out meets the requirements of contractors and complies with all relevant regulations.

The VOLTEAM  Academy

As soon as VOLTEAM engineers start working for us, they take part in a tailored in-house training programme delivered by the top people in their field.

They can access a database containing information on all electric vehicle charging stations and technologies. They learn how to meticulously complete their job sheets, which are then sent to contractors via the CRM.

As “trusted third parties” of our customers’ customers VOLTEAM engineers are also bound to protect confidentiality and possess good inter-personal skills, ensuring they perform their professional duties to the highest of standards.

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Your career with VOLTEAM

VOLTEAM promotes a sense of team spirit designed to overcome all challenges, both technical and non-technical. The constantly changing nature of technology makes this a fascinating field in which to work. Our employees have a large degree of independence, while still being able to draw on shared tools, cutting-edge databases and continuing professional development programmes enabling the acquisition of new skills.


Most VOLTEAM employees are mobile installers. They are constantly developing new skills in tandem with the emergence of new technologies, thanks to an information system that is always being updated and added to.

Specialist engineers

In addition to performing particularly complex installation work, VOLTEAM expert engineers are knowledge repositories for the technologies in which they specialize. This feeds into training programmes, information system updates, compiling job sheets and more.

Area managers

Area managers are responsible for quality control and the continuing professional development of their teams in a given geographical area. They speak a number of foreign languages and regularly work with colleagues in other countries.

Appointment bookers

Located in Toulouse, Madrid and Turin, our teams of appointment bookers liaise between our contractors’ customers and our engineers to book installation appointments.

Management and administration

VOLTEAM is an agile organization despite a workforce of over 100 people spread across seven countries. The company operates a limited number of hierarchical levels, but it does frequently recruit middle management staff and administrative employees, preferring an in-house approach to promotions.

3 countries

Volteam ans its teams coverall of southern Europe: France, Spain and Italy.

We're recruiting

Engineers, administrative staff, managers... VOLTEAM is always on the look-out for new staff and can offer attractive training and career development opportunities.